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Monday, September 7, 2009

More Environmental Scanning Devices

Here are some more ingenious environmental scanning devices crafted by the Reaccreditation Task Force:

Hip Data Miner

Handy-dandy slats open or close to let in information or block it like venetian blinds.

Don't be blinded by information overload. Block out the irrelevant, extraneous junk. Focus on what's important.

Blue tooth connection connects to any source and sends data directly to your retina through this cutting edge data miner. PC or Apple compatibility. Comes only in Kenyon purple. Impact resistant plastic on all parts. Light comfortable frames. Impact resistant and UV blocking lenses. Sleek elegant look. Fiberglass slats filter unwanted data. Rose tinted lenses allow in only the most happy information. Can also be used as sunglasses or to make cell phone calls.


This product collects creative brain waves to disperse as needed.

For use when creative energy is low!

Warning: Not to be combined with drug use.

Environmental Scanning Hoop

Made of legitimate microfibers, this hoop will be deployed around the globe in 2025.

So small it is invisible to the naked eye.

A deposit of $25 million will allow access to environmental scans. Beat the competition; get it first.

Better than google maps. Realtime data transmitted to secure servers.

Find buried treasure. Scanning technology penetrates 100 m below ground. Discover minerals, map deep sea, monitor traffic patterns, secure your borders. Keep an eye on neighbors and competitors.

You've scanned before, but not like this!

All new Environmental Scanning for your department!

Visual tool to encourage your department to take a deeper look into how you are doing.

Can double as a backpack, flip top--could be as small as a cell phone.

Wireless or could be connected, works at light speed, lightweight plastic.

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